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Newly renovated and completely refreshed, Stuyvesant’s House will
re-open in February 2016.

A fire in March caused significant damage to the restaurant. Thankfully, no one was hurt (and the cellar is safe). Renovations and repairs have been progressing well, however a few building delays now see us expecting to be fully operational, with all of the old favourites and a few new surprises, in February 2016.

Please add your name to the email list for updates on the opening and the celebration that will follow. We are planning the Festival of Stuyvesant!


Rudi and Max

‘Where good food makes good people’

Herzlich Wilkommen! That is to say, a very warm welcome to Stuyvesant’s House, where for over 50 years there’s been no shortage of atmosphere, and no shortage of fine wine.

As we, Rudi and Max, say, ‘A day without wine is like a day without sunshine.’ Which is why our cellar holds Australia’s largest selection of red and white wines (and why Rudi will be more than happy to make a well-informed recommendation).

There’s also an array of German beer on tap, and a huge choice of German, European and local food to choose from. From Schnitzels and pork knuckle to gravalax or the house specialty, fresh Queensland mud crab bought daily at the fish markets, Stuyvesant’s truly is a unique dining experience.

02 9439 7155

Rudi and Max